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Culture Crossroads is an international peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Arts and Cultural Studies of the Latvian Academy of Culture. The goal of Culture Crossroads is to develop and expand theoretical and methodological approaches to the research of art and creativity with emphasis on the potential of a variety of disciplines and interdisciplinarity. The main focus of the publication is on the interaction of cultural, artistic and creative processes as well as the synergy between them and other domains of national economy, politics and social life. It is targeted on the most topical issues and discussion points in culture studies and arts. The publication is open to research in the fields of ethnology, theory of culture, semiotics, cultural anthropology, museology, cultural heritage, management of culture, sociology of culture and art, cultural economics (including creative industries), cultural politics, audio-visual art, performing arts, dance, theory of literature, musicology, law, linguistics, or other domains of culture studies and arts.

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Vol. 5 (2011): Culture Crossroads
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The articles in "Kultūras Krustpunkti" Volume 5 encompass a wide spectrum of issues and questions relating to the identification, characterisation and classification of ancient cult sites in the Baltic region and beyond. All articles are proceedings of the conference ‘Natural Holy Places or Holy Places in Nature. Identification, Discovering and Classification’ held at Turaida Museum Reserve, organised jointly by the Scientific Research Centre of the Latvian Academy of Culture and Turaida Museum Reserve (on 7–9 May 2009).

Published: 30.10.2011
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